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Spectrum Limobuses | Spectrum Limousines |Spectrum limo and Party Buses | Quinceanera Celebration

Quinceanera or a girl’s Sweet 15 is a celebration dating back to the Aztecs whom didn’t consider a woman human until her 15th birthday. Things have changed dramatically to where now she can ride in our luxury limo bus and show up to the church and pictures in style.
Our Quinceanera limousine will fit right in with the formally dressed friends and family, and with the day resembles a wedding why not have everyone transported to the ceremony in a limo.
As the young girl arrives wearing her tiara and other special jewelry she would look even more elegant walking out of an affordable executive coach with her chamberlains and maids of honor called damas. The day will be fun and event fun for all with the family all in one Quinceanera party bus as the get ready for the 15 year old girl to become a woman. After church our low cost shuttle bus service will take her safely to the reception where her father will have the first dance. By taking his girl’s hand and inviting her to dance a waltz with him. This is an important symbol of his recognition that his little girl is now a lady and should be treated as such. As the day comes to an end out tour bus will shuttle her around to help presented to the community as young ladies, are no longer girls.

It is customary for the Quinceanera to receive some or all of the following items for her ceremony.

  • Tiara
  • Cross or medal
  • Bible or prayer book and rosary
  • Scepter

Other accessories for this special occasion might be a Quinceanera:
Flower Bouquet, Cake Decoration, Cake server set, Champagne glasses, The last doll, Guest book, Photo album, Invitations/reception cards, Ceremony pillows, Guest favors, Entrance, which is usually accompanied by slow songs, Waltz, Entrée, First period of dancing, Main meal course, Second period of dancing, Dessert and video playback of the recorded birthday with her friends (the latter is optional), 15-candle ceremony (Optional), Third period of dancing, Toast, Cake cutting, and a ritual where each female friend/relative pulls a ribbon out of a bunch. The ribbons all have charms on the ends except for one which has a ring, or Quinceanera Carnival-style dance