New Body Style Krystal Lincoln Limousine

Absolutely Stunning!

10 Passenger Capacity, Brillant White Exterior with Chrome Trim, Soft Black Leather J-Seat with Pillows, State of the Art Sound System & Lighting, Premium Multi Disc Player, CD and LCD, Exquisite Wood & Black Lacquer Bar with Crystal, Captivating Stargazer with Dazzling Fiber Optics.

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $75.00





New Body Style Tiffany LincolnLimousine

A Classic Look with A Modern Touch!

10 Passenger Capacity, Powder White Exterior with Chrome Trim, Impressive Starlight Headliner, Soft Charcoal J-Seat Leather Interior, Colorful Fiber Optics Everywhere, Beautiful Marble and Mirrored Bar, (2) LCD's and Deluxe Sound System, Top of the Line Multimedia Disc Player.

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $70.00






New Black Cadillac Escalade Limousine

"what A Luxury SUV ... Should Be!"

14 Passenger Capacity,Moon Roof, Chrome Trim & Wheels, Black Exterior with Black Canvas Top, Black and Grey Leather Reverse Seating, (3) LCD's, DVD and Playstation II,AM-FM CD Premium Sound System, Fiber Optic Mirrored Bar and Ceiling, Laser Light Show with Disco Ball & Fog Machine, Intimate VIP Lounge with Curtain and Velvet Rope.

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $135.00






New Tuxedo White Cadillac Escalade

Pure Perfection!

16 Passenger Capacity, Timeless Streamline Look, Moon Roof, Chrome Trim & Wheels, Classic Champagne and Black Intirior, Two toned Leather Reverse Seating, Fiber Optic Mirrored Bar & Ceiling, Decorative Disco Ball & Lava Lamps, AM-FM CD Premium Sound System, (3) LCD's with DVD and Playstation II, Intimate VIP Lounge with Curtain & Velvet Rope.

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $145.00





New Tuxedo Model Excursion

Check This Beauty Out!

20 Passenger Capacity, Custom Rims with 5th Door! (Dual Access) Black Leatherette Interior, Electric Light Show, Behind Seats Black Lacquer Bar, Fiber Optic's, Disco Ball, Lava Lamps, Premium Sound System with CD and DVD, Private VIP Lounge with LCD and X Box.

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $150.00






New XXX H2 Hummer

Really Draws A Crowd!

18 Passenger Capacity, One Wild Ride - Triple "X" treme, Black Leather Seating with Red Piping, Black Laquers Bars with Red Lava Lamps, Infinity Box, and Lazer Light Show, X-Box & DVD with (4) LCD Flat Screens, Dynamic AM-FM CD Sound System, Wrapped Around Fiery Fiber Optics, Moon Roof and Private VIP Room. . ................... ...................

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $165.00






New Krystal Koach

Arrive In Style ... Business or Pleasure!

20 Passenger Capacity with Beautiful Layout, Rer Luggage and Double Center Doors, Hi-Fi Theatre Surround Sound System, 42" Projection Flat Screen & Playstation II, Tinted Windows with Privacy Shades, Decorative Mirrored Ceiling with Fiber Optics, Granite Bars with Ice Chest and Glassware.

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $145.00





Eurotrans XLT Limo Bus

S-t-r-e-t-c-h Out and Enjoy the Ride!

25 to 32 Passenger Capacity (3) Stainless Steel Coolers, Granite CocktailTable & CUp Holders, Full Lenght Fiber Optic Mirrored Ceiling, Perimeter Charcol Leather Couch Seating, Large Tinted Windows with Rope Lighting TV's / VCR / AM-FM CD Premium Sound System, Spacious Upright Vehicle with Lots of Walking Room.

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $165.00






Dina Coach 44 Magnum

Wow, This Baby Rocks!

44 Passenger Capacity, One of a Kind Fully Loaded, Amenities Include Rear Bathroom, 80Ft of Black Leather Like Couch Seating, 42" Plasma TV, Playstation II, DVD Premium State of the Art Sound System, Electric Light Show with Lasers & Fog Machine, (20) Lava Lamps, (3) Luminglas & (1) Mystic Ball, Full Lenght (4) Color Fiber Optic Mirrored Ceiling, Behind Seat Bars with Coolers and Assorted Glassware, Private VIP Lounge with Parquet Floor and Dancers Pole.

("Peak Rates are Slightly Higher") $250.00


Located at:

3333 Midway Drive San Diego CA, 92110

Mailing Address:

1042 N El Camino Real Ste. B-353, Encinitas, CA 92024